Raised for Local Nonprofits
2377 gifts
Totaling $411,699.76
I Heart Hutch
Raised for Local Nonprofits
2377 gifts
Totaling $411,699.76
Raised for Local Nonprofits
2377 gifts
Totaling $411,699.76

New Beginnings, Inc.

Goal: $30,000.00

Specific Need

Current projects of New Beginnings Inc.


  • Growing the tranistional jobs program  - Need: Truck to pull equipment trailer
  • Growing social enterprises to provide employment opportunities and to self sustain New Beginnings Inc overall  - Need: Investors
  • Adding staff to NOEL Lodge to provide more assistance to guest needing shelter - Need: $90,000
  • Adding staff to Fox Run, Transitional Housing to provide 24 hour assistance - Need: $40,000
  • Temporary staff for Meadowlark Commons to provide a temporary isolation shelter during the COVID19 pandemic - Need: $30,000
  • Open Detox Center to provide inpatient drug treatment within our community - Need: $250,000


To shelter and rebuild human lives while fostering solutions to affordable housing and stable employment.


As stated by our President/CEO: New Beginnings is an agent of caring - a place of outreach for the community; a place where individual needs are met by universal caring; a place where each person is our brother and our sister; a place where we each benefit from sharing our hearts and our resources; a place where we are constantly renewed


New Beginnings Inc. is a complex organization made up of mutliple programs and community solutions. The needs of New Beginnings Inc. are just as complex. If you are supportive of what New Beginnings Inc. has done in our community, then we respectfully request you consider a gift to continue that work. 


30 years ago we started as a 2 story house on Avenue A.

As of 2020 New Beginnings Inc. is:


Housing over 500 people in Low Income Aparment Complexes

Housing 6 Oxford Houses in Rental Housing

Housing 3 families in Rental Housing

Housing 9 families in Crown Homes

Housing over 40 people in Transitional Housing Apartments

Sheltering over 250 individuals per year in Emergency Shelter

Employing over 40 idividuals per year in Tranistional Employment

Housing over 12 families in Moderate Income Housing


The growth of New Beginnings Inc. in the past 30 years is directly contributed to the support of the community. Thank you to our community heros! We appreciate you and look forward to a continued friendship! 



$25,759.54 received
in 74 gifts
85.87%  of  $30,000.00 Goal


PO Box 2504
Hutchinson KS 67504-2504
Phone: (620) 663-2200

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